Our Firm

ANX Real Estate Brokers is a real estate management agent and property marketing firm based in Port Moresby and Kokopo cities in Papua New Guinea. ANX Real Estate Brokers is duly registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) of Papua New Guinea under the Business Names Act 2014. The firm was certified on 29 October 2015 with a Business Registration Number 6-192666 and is authorized to conduct real estate business in the country. It commenced operations as a start-up in the same year.

Our Focus

ANX Real Estate Brokers’ foremost concern is client satisfaction. The firm engages the services of senior property sales and marketing professionals, property managers and other highly qualified professionals from the real estate industry to offer internationally recognized property brokerage services to its clients. Our services are specially tailored to meet specific client needs whilst essentially incorporating elements of contemporary property brokerage practice in accordance with relevant laws governing the real estate industry in Papua New Guinea. Our business and cultural environment is influenced by local knowledge, international best practice, technology and innovation, and moral and Christian principles. They are equally applied to achieve excellence in what we do.



To carefully execute the best deal in Property and Real Estate brokerage by fulfilling client expectations ensuring all parties involved in the deal are satisfied with the best outcome.


To be the leading Property and Real Estate brokerage firm providing top-tier sales and marketing, management, investment and financial advisory services specially tailored to meet the demands of our valued clients.


ANX Real Estate Brokers believes in integrity, loyalty, consistency, competence and openness as its core operational values upon with the firm builds its foundation. We also believe in maintaining a warm and positive relationship with all its clients through building credibility as a business culture.