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ANX Real Estate Brokers act as an intermediary to facilitate transaction between all parties involved in the real estate value chain. We act as bridge between sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants, and banks and property investors to ensure the business of property sales and marketing, management, souring and investment are smoothly executed without so much hurdle.

ANX Real Estate Brokers provide the best property brokerage service in Papua New Guinea. We have expanded to Australia with an office in Melbourne, Victoria. Our dedicated staff provide expert advice on every aspect of transaction from financing and construction to lease, management and sale of residential, commercial or industrial property. We leave no stone unturned!

We have an established network of esteemed partners throughout major centers of Papua New Guinea. Our partners are qualified and competent professionals who possess reasonable knowledge and ample experience in the real estate industry. Talk to us if you need our expertise in real estate and property services.

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